Los Angeles Earthquake Valve Installation

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Earthquake Valve Installation Los Angeles, CA

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An Indispensable Safety Feature

Living in L.A. has many great advantages: it’s a world-class city with warm weather year-round and we have great neighborhoods with an amazing diversity in cultures and foods. But living in Los Angeles also means living with earthquakes.

There have been great advances in earthquake readiness and earthquake resistance technologies in the last several decades. Architectural designs are now more capable to withstand a serious earthquake. But most of the damage and devastation associated with an earthquake doesn’t come from the quake itself, but rather from the fires and explosions that follow due to ruptured gas lines. One of the best means of preventing this from happening in your home or business is with the installation of an earthquake shut off valve.

About Earthquake Valves

Earthquake valves, also known as seismic valves, automatically shut off the flow of natural gas into a building during a major earthquake or if a pipe is broken. The valve is installed on the property beyond the gas meter. Most gas companies recommend installing these devices in any building located in an area that is prone to earthquakes.

There are two different kinds of earthquake valves: motion sensitive valves and excessive flow valves. The motion sensitive type automatically cuts off the gas supply when the mechanism is shaken. An excessive flow valve shuts off automatically when it senses the flow of gas exceeds a predetermined limit for the building beyond the rate of use from standard appliances, as is the case when a gas line is ruptured. Either type can be easily installed in most homes or commercial buildings, or they both can be installed in-line for greater security.

After a seismic event, SoCalGas recommends contacting a licensed for the, qualified professional to reset the valve. Our technician will also verify that no gas leaks exist and will perform a thorough safety check of your gas appliances before putting them back into operation and re-lighting the pilot lights.

For safety and peace of mind, call Expert Plumbing & Rooter at 818-319-4936 to install an earthquake valve in your Los Angeles home or commercial building. Our friendly and experienced service professionals will get the job done quickly and affordably.