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Faucet, Fixture & Sink Installation & Repair Los Angeles, CA

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Updating The Look Of Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is looking a little bit dated, replacing the fixtures such as the toilet, sink and faucet, can go a long way in giving it a more modern feel. No matter if you’re planning a full redesign of your bathroom, or just looking to spruce it up with a few new fixtures, the pros at Expert Plumbing & Rooter are the right choice for your bathroom fixture needs. You may be surprised how much a new sink, faucet and toilet will give your bathroom a more contemporary look.

A Leaky Faucet

If you have a faucet the drips every five seconds, you could be wasting over 400 gallons of water per year. Not only is that kind of waste bad for the environment, it can add up on your monthly water bills.

Some faucet leaks occur on the inside of the valve causing the drip to come out near the handle and pool on the countertop or under the sink. That kind of constant dampness can promote the growth of unhealthy bacteria, fungus and mold.

If you have a bathroom, kitchen or outside faucet that is leaking, don’t wait until hundreds of gallons of water have been wasted. Call in a repair Los Angeles, CA professional from Expert Plumbing & Rooter to fix the problem quickly and inexpensively. We may be able to repair the faucet by replacing a damaged or cracked washer. If the tap is beyond repair, we can install a new one that will beautifully complement the room’s design.

Sink Repair & Replacements

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are very durable and very rarely need to be replaced for functional reasons. A porcelain sink is more susceptible to cracking or breaking if a heavy object strikes it, but otherwise, most replacements are done for aesthetic reasons or to upgrade them. Other common sink issues include water leaking between the sink and the counter, which usually means the seal is no longer watertight; or the pop-up drain plug assembly mechanism breaking.

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