Los Angeles Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Los Angeles, CA

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How Does A Garbage Disposal System Work?

A garbage disposal unit is a device installed under your kitchen sink that is designed to shred food scraps into tiny pieces small enough to be sent down the drain. With only a few exceptions, any food waste can be disposed of by simply turning on the tap and flipping a switch.

The Benefits Of A Garbage Disposal Unit

Convenience: you’ll find that cleaning up after meals is so much faster when you can simply dispose of food scraps directly into your sink as you rinse your dishes.

Cleanliness: by disposing of waste down your drain instead of using trash containers, you will be greatly reducing the risk of bacterial growth in your kitchen. Food left in trash containers also tends to attract insects and pests.

Diverts waste from landfill sites: roughly 12% of all solid waste in US landfill sites are food scraps. As it decays, methane, a known greenhouse gas, is released into the atmosphere. The use of a garbage disposal system in your home will also reduce the number of plastic garbage bags you sent to landfills.

Wastewater as a source of renewable energy: many water treatment facilities across the US are now harvesting the methane found in wastewater to produce biogas. This byproduct is used for energy production. Reportedly, as much as 10 times more energy can be produced from wastewater than is needed to treat it. When you send your food waste down the drain using a garbage disposal unit, you are significantly increasing its methane content. So that means the environmentally harmful methane gas that would be released into the atmosphere if your food waste was sent to a landfill site can now be extracted and used as a source of green energy.

Garbage disposals don’t consume a large amount of power or water: you can expect your overall water consumption to increase by approximately 1% with the addition of a garbage disposal unit, and the electrical cost for operating it amounts to roughly $0.50.

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