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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement And Repairs

Not too long ago, when you needed to have your sewer line repaired or replaced, a backhoe would arrive on your property to dig a huge trench through your yard, potentially damaging your landscaping, deck and paved drive. Thanks to some recent innovations, we now have the necessary technology to perform sewer pipe repairs or replacements that involve very little digging.

Pipe lining: pipe lining is a way to restore the structural integrity of your old sewer line by inserting a flexible tube that has been permeated with resin into the existing pipe under pressure. The pressure pushes the tube against the walls of the old line so that it molds and conforms completely to its shape. After the resin has dried, there is a new, stronger and impermeable pipe inside the old one.

Pipe bursting: when a sewer line replacement is required, pipe bursting is a trenchless way of accomplishing this. A cone shaped steel head is pulled through the old pipe, shattering it as it moves forward and pushing its broken pieces deeper into the soil. At the same time, it drags behind it the new replacement pipe, leaving it in place for reconnection.

Water Softeners

The water in the L.A. area is known for its hardness. High mineral content in the water makes it difficult to work soap up into a good lather. Instead, a solid film or soap scum is generated in its place. The result is skin that feels itchy and flaky, dull hair that is difficult to manage, glasses and silverware that emerge from the dishwasher with a cloudy film and laundry taking on a grayish tinge.

You can remedy the nuisances created by hard water by having a water softening system installed in your home. These devices effectively reduce the mineral content in your water thereby eliminating the effects of hard water.

Other Plumbing Services Offered:

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● Pipe Lining
● Toilet Repair & Installation
● Tankless Water Heaters
● Emergency Plumbing
● Garbage Disposals
● Sump Pumps
● Hydrojetting
● Repiping
● Earthquake Valves
● Water Heaters
● Sewer Camera Inspection
● Sewer Line Repair & Replacement
● Water Filtration Systems
● Burst Pipe Repair
● Water Leak Detection
● Showers & Tubs
● Bathroom Remodeling
● Slab Leak Repair
● Drain Cleaning
● Faucets, Fixtures & Sinks

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