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Repiping Services Los Angeles, CA

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Your Pipes

If you’re like most people, you probably never give a second thought to the pipes that deliver hot and cold water to your taps and appliances every day. It’s simply one of those things that we take for granted all the time. That is, until something goes wrong with them. When a pipe develops a leak, or worse yet, if it bursts, then it will probably attract your undivided attention. When the regular flow of water is interrupted in your home, all of your regular, everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and showering become a problem. When you add the potential damage that can result from a burst pipe, it’s easy to see just how important having reliable pipes that are in good condition can be.

Do You Need Repiping?

Repiping is the complete replacement of all or large sections of pipe in your home. Not all leaks or breaks demand repiping. Isolated issues can usually be fixed without the need to replace the pipes. If the problem is the result of aging or deteriorating plumbing, repiping will probably be necessary. Over time, water pressure, occasional shifting and general wear and tear can weaken the pipes to the point that they are no longer reliable and leaks or breaks are more likely to occur.

If lead pipes are still present in your home, repiping may also be required in that instance. Lead has been known to leach into the water supply and can be a significant health hazard. Repiping may also be a worthwhile consideration if your plumbing system is made up of several different kinds of materials like galvanized steel, copper, polybutylene, and kitec. Replacing these to a single material may prove to be beneficial in the long term.

Signs That You May Need Repiping

The determination of whether repiping is going to be necessary should be left up to an Expert Plumbing & Rooter technician. Some of the indications that might suggest that a repipe might be needed include leaks and drips becoming a frequent occurrence, discoloration of your water or the presence of a bitter or metallic taste.

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