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Slab Leak Repair Services Los Angeles, CA

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Slab Leak Definition

A slab leak is one that occurs in a pipe located underneath or inside the concrete foundation of your home. Their nature makes them very difficult to detect, but they can cause some severe damage. They can seriously harm the foundation, damage flooring and cause the growth of mold and bacteria, which can be a major health hazard to you and your family.

Shifting soil, poor construction, aging or deteriorating pipes and scale buildup can all contribute to a slab leak.

Indications That You May Have A Slab Leak

Unlike regular leaks, slab leaks can be more difficult to detect and go unnoticed for quite some time. Some of the warning signs that may suggest a slab leak is present in your home include the following:

● A spike in your water or electricity bills
● Areas of your basement floor that are unusually warm to the touch
● An unexplained gurgling or trickling sound
● Water pooling on the ground surrounding your home
● Damp floors or carpets
● The presence of a musty odor

If you notice one or more of these symptoms around your home, don’t hesitate: call the licensed and experienced slab leak professionals at Expert Plumbing & Rooter.

Fixing A Slab Leak

The first job that our Los Angeles, CA technicians will have to complete when they arrive on site will be to pinpoint the location of the leak. We can limit the amount of cutting into the foundation, thanks to some very sensitive equipment that can detect the sound of running water through walls.

If the damage is localized, a spot repair to the affected pipe may be all that is needed to address the issue. If the problem is more extensive, as is often the case with aging pipes, it may be necessary to replace a larger section of the pipe.

If you suspect there may be a pipe leaking below your concrete foundation, call us right away. The slab leak aces at Expert Plumbing & Rooter will quickly be able to confirm if that is the case and fix it with the least amount of disruption to your Los Angeles, CA home as possible. Call 818-319-4936 now to schedule an appointment.