Los Angeles Sump Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation

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Sump Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation Los Angeles, CA

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Does Your Basement Get Flooded?

Your home may be prone to the accumulation of water in the basement after a heavy rainfall if there isn’t adequate drainage around it or if you live in a low-lying area where your foundation is more likely to be in close proximity to the water table. Flooding or the accumulation of water in your basement can cause some costly damage to your foundation and can lead to mold, mildew and bacteria growth in your home, which can be hazardous to your health.

Installing A New Sump Pump

By having Expert Plumbing & Rooter install a new sump pump in your Los Angeles, CA home, you can dramatically reduce the risk of damage from water accumulating in your basement. The unit will effectively drain water away and help to keep your basement dry.

If the soil around your home does not drain very rapidly, a sump basin may be needed to keep water from accumulating in the ground surrounding your foundation. The buildup of water around the outside of your foundation creates something called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can force water to seep into your home through tiny cracks in the foundation. Your sump pump will help to alleviate any existing hydrostatic pressure.

What If There’s A Power Failure?

A sump pump is only effective if the power supply doesn’t get interrupted. So, if a particularly bad storm knocks the power out, you could be just as much at risk of getting a flood as if you didn’t have a sump pump at all. Your Expert Plumbing & Rooter installation technician can add a battery operated power backup system to your sump pump to ensure that it will work even if there’s a power outage or a blown fuse.

Sump Pump Repairs

If you’re finding that your current sump pump isn’t adequately providing drainage, it may be in need of a repair. Over the course of time, the pump can become clogged with sand, dirt and sediment; making it work less efficiently. Electrical problems are also common causes for a sump pump malfunction.

We have also frequently seen sump pumps that deliver inadequate drainage because the one installed simply was not powerful enough to service the area of the home. Sump pumps with more powerful motors can displace larger volumes of water faster and are therefore better suited to bigger homes or ones located near high water tables. We usually recommend a 1/2 horsepower or stronger sump pump for homes like these.

To reduce the risk of flooding in your Los Angeles home and to improve the drainage surrounding it, contact Expert Plumbing & Rooter for the best service and advice on sump pump installations and repairs. Call 818-319-4936 today to book your appointment or to request a free estimate.