Los Angeles Leak Detection Services

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Leak Detection Services Los Angeles, CA

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Hidden Leaks

When a pipe inside your home develops a leak, the water damage it can cause can be extensive. Floors can become warped, walls waterlogged and mold can develop. It’s even worse because you can’t tell where the leak is originating.

Water from a leaky pipe can travel a great distance along ceilings and inside walls before any evidence of it becomes apparent. Some leaks can occur in underground pipes or in pipes running under slabs of concrete. In these instances, you may see water pooling in your yard or hear a gurgling sound. And in some cases, the leak can remain completely undetected save for a noticeable increase in your water usage resulting in a spike on your monthly water bills.

One way to check if you have a hidden water leak is to make sure that all the taps in your house are off and that none of the appliances that use water are operating. Then, check your water meter. If a water leak exists, it will indicate that you are still consuming water.

Whenever a leak occurs, the first priority should be to stop the flow of water into your home in order to contain the amount of damage it may cause. For that reason, it may be prudent to shut off the water supply to your home until we arrive to address the problem. The main water supply shut-off valve is usually located in the basement, close to your water meter.

Finding The Leak

Not so long ago, a hidden leak usually meant opening up walls and ceilings in an effort to locate its source. Today, the professional technicians at Expert Plumbing & Rooter make use of the latest in leak detection technology. Among the tools in our arsenal, we may use sensitive audio equipment that can detect the sound of underground leaks or tiny video cameras mounted on a flexible rod that can travel through your pipes. This greatly reduces the need to cut into floors, walls and ceilings in order to repair the leak.

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