Los Angeles Water Softener System Installation & Repair

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Water Softener System Installation & Repair Los Angeles, CA

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What Is Hard Water?

Water with a high concentration of mineral content is considered to be hard. Technically speaking, water with over 120 parts per million of suspended minerals is deemed hard or very hard.

It is estimated that over 85% of American homes have hard water, and the waters of Los Angeles, CA are known to be among the hardest in all of the US. While mineral content in your drinking water is not considered hazardous to your health, it does cause other significant inconveniences.

The Annoying Effects Of Hard Water

If you have hard water, you may observe a dramatic lack of suds coming from your soap. The minerals and calcium in the water cause soap to form a solid deposit (soap scum) instead of the normal frothy lather that you would expect. You might also notice an increased presence of soap scum and calcium deposits in your shower or tub. Glasses and silverware coming out of the dishwasher are more likely to be foggy or covered in a spotty film. In your laundry, your colors may become more faded and whites can develop a grayish tinge. The soap scum and minerals also tend to dry out skin making it feel itchy and flaky. They also make hair dull and more difficult to manage.

Removing The Minerals With A Water Softener

Using a principal called ion exchange, a water softener will remove a large portion of the mineral content in your water by replacing the mineral particles with sodium. The result is water that is more pleasant and without any of the inconveniences of hard water. Despite the use of water softening salt to remove mineral content, the treated water has no discernible taste. The water softening system requires little maintenance aside from replenishing the salt per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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